Psychotherapy and Counselling

Who heals the healer, the title of a poem by Terry Donovan reflects aptly the reality which many of us encounter in our ever changing social groups and communities. It can be difficult to set aside time, energy and resources to engage in personal work which helps deepen the meaning we attribute to work or family life.

Psychotherapy and Counselling with Individuals and Couples

Natural therapy is the natural connection and communication style which springs between us as we journey towards our goals. It remains the fountain and source of all positive interaction and the well which sustains life relationships.

For generations of men and women authentic communication cemented a wholesome life and informed right relationship and simple justice. At various times in the past life experience was less hectic, less frantic and more relatable. Natural therapy was more easily attained and support networks sprang more freely and readily.

Many people can be reluctant to deliberately engage in personalized care and support. Many feel that they can manage fairly well without therapy while others don’t wish to attract attention or believe that they don’t merit such care.

Frequently many do not have financial resources to embark on such work without involving others while to do so may seem to be admitting some deeper need for help which may not necessarily be the case.