I am originally from Ireland and have lived in Finland since 2011.

My training as an integrative psychotherapist allows me to interact therapeutically in the way which best fits your unique narrative while establishing an authentic and empathic alliance. I am a member of  the European Association of Psychotherapy (www.europsyche.org). Due to specific Finnish requirements, I am not a VALVIRA approved psychotherapist and therefore am unable to provide KELA reimbursements. I trained and qualified as a psychotherapist in Loyola University Chicago and practiced in Ireland becoming an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists in 2008.

English language Psychotherapy

Psychological therapy – Couples Counselling

Andy Hoolan:

Dip. Phil, Psy:

B.A Degree Phil (NUI)

M.A Degree Counselling, (developmental Psychology, Psychotherapy) Loyola University Chicago

My educational qualifications have been validated by the Finnish board of education Ref no. 1288/2010,1S

Member of Psychological Practitioners Finland (PPF)

EAP membership ref: M-1000567


Living in Finland

Since Andrew’s arrival in Finland in 2011 he has worked in various healthcare design and delivery programmes with organizations and schools including Rinnekoti Säätiö, Family Counselling Centre Leppavaara, Informed Sources and Kirkkojärven primary school in addition to a one to one counselling practice. His qualifications and background in psychotherapy and clinical case supervision have proved a successful fit with persons seeking clearer understandings and insight re personal recurring life challenges. Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions such as fear, anxiety, relationship concerns, work, study etc. often prevent one from making healthy life choices resulting in poorer quality life functioning. Such challenges prevent one from being at peace with oneself while impacting negatively on immediate family members and in social situations particularly in the work place. A common misconception for many is that persons must have serious mental health issues to avail of psychological counselling. This is not true. Phase of life issues, acculturation issues, grief and loss, recurring relationship issues, social anxieties among many other daily life challenges are fertile ground for psychological counselling.

Psychotherapeutic counselling or psychological therapy is a distinctive form of talk therapy whereby the full resources, theoretical knowledge and clinical methods of psychology and psychotherapy are brought together with the lived experience of the presenting person to interpret and reframe positively recurring life challenges. A holistic approach informs the process honoring and integrating positive core beliefs and values while critiquing faulty assumptions which often entrap one in oppressive patterns of behavior.

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