Couples Therapy

We yearn to be held. And we yearn to be held to account…..

On our life’s journey, most of us experience a deep desire or indeed a strong compulsion to share our life intimately with another person. We search for and find that some one very special who we are thoroughly convinced can make our dreams come true. The experience of falling in love and being totally at one with another can leave us estatic or overwhelmed. Dating, sharing special occasions together, holidays, living together and marriage can be energizing and life giving.

Life together brings its own challenges and concerns. The business of living soon makes its presence felt and as perfect as that partner is, wounds open and sores fester. We begin to feel misunderstood, not listened to, not appreciated and sometimes not respected. We feel disconnected from the one we once felt so absolutely connected to.

We console ourselves by assurances that every couple have their problems and time will eventually heal our hurts while agreeing that people are surviving much worse situations. This indeed may all be true but relationships are not something to be survived or endured. They are meant to be celebrated and cherished. Love is like water in sand, if we don’t continuously and consistently build around it and protect it, it will disappear.

We invest hard earned money on gifts and items which make us and the ones we love look and feel good. Perhaps it may be time to invest a little more in our relationships and in that which makes us a community of love so that celebration and joy can once again find a home in how we are with each other.