The primary objective of a therapeutic relationship is the wellbeing, health and wholeness of the presenting person. An overall sense of one’s abilities and challenges experienced in healthy, quality and meaningful relationships will inform and guide a counselling therapeutic encounter.

Affordable Psychological Counselling provides an optimum quality service particularly for persons who find therapeutic counselling costs prohibitive. Many people cannot economically or financially afford to pay standard counselling-therapeutic fees. With the therapist the client agrees a  fee commensurate with her/his ability to pay.

A common misconception for many is that persons must have serious mental health issues to avail of psychological counselling. This is not true. Phase of life issues, acculturation issues, grief and loss, depression, recurring relationship issues, social anxieties among many other daily life challenges are fertile ground for psychological counselling.

In addition to a solid theoretical framework, the interaction in the counselling relationship between the client and counsellor will promote growth, wellness with healing. Psychological counselling does not guarantee easy answers or fast solutions. In fact hard work including homework is required.

There is no magic wand but there is a new and fresh way of seeing oneself and the issues which have defined your narrative up to now. Increased personal insight (intellectual and emotional) and understanding will help reframe the feeling states which frequently prevent one from living life to the full while rediscovering one’s own innate energy, gifts and zest for life.