Counseling Therapy

The ultimate goal of therapy or counselling is to empower the person, to realize her/his optimum capacity for wellbeing, health and wholeness. Through a therapeutic relationship the client reframes personal life issues or challenges and is strengthened to affect positive change, resulting in a more qualitative and healthier life for the client, family and immediate social group.

Counselling is essential when a person experiences any kind of problem or difficulty which negatively affect wellbeing, health, quality of life, relationships, work and social interaction. Lifestyle changes can cause anxieties and poor health particularly when support systems are no longer in place e.g through death and bereavement, separation and divorce, phase of life issues, acculturation issues etc.

There are few who have not experienced internal pain and conflict resulting in negative feeling states while leaving different kinds of psychological turmoil and ruptured relationships. Psychological turmoil takes the form of many kinds of anxiety and various forms of depression.

Private, confidential and affordable counselling is now available for individuals, couples and families for a wide spectrum of personal issues including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, recurring relationships issues, drug and alcohol addictions as well as for other addictions and compulsive disorders.

The primary objective of any therapeutic relationship is the wellbeing and health of the client. A sence of wholeness experienced in healthy, quality, meaningful relationships and personal wellness is the yardstick which informs and guides the therapeutic encounter.

Affordable Psychological Counselling provides an optimum quality service particularly for persons who find therapeutic counselling costs prohibitive. Many people simply cannot afford to pay standard counselling-therapeutic fees. With the therapist the client agrees a  fee commensurate with her/his ability to pay.

It is the dynamic in the counselling therapeutic relationship i.e what happens between the client and counsellor through which  growth, wellness with healing occurs. Psychological counselling does not guarantee easy answers or fast solutions. In fact hard work including homework is required.

There is no magic wand but there is a new and fresh way of seeing yourself and the issues which have defined your life up to now. Increased personal insight and understanding will help reframe the feeling states which frequently prevent you from living life to the full while rediscovering your own innate energy, gifts and zest for life.